Monday, May 21, 2012


I've been away for a long time, I know.  This past month, a lot has been happening, and I didn't want to blog about it when everything was still uncertain.  Now, though, the uncertain has become certain.  After a crazy month of application preparation and interviews, I can now say that I will be moving to Georgia and becoming a college professor.

I feel so strongly that God has led me to this decision.  For one thing, I wasn't even looking for a job.  I had two years of funding left at Iowa, and although I was getting tired of my routine, I expected to stay there until I finished.  There were various issues weighing on my heart.  The biggest of which was missions.  I had been so certain that I would teach overseas upon finishing my degree, but in a variety of ways, the past few months, I had felt like God has been closing doors in that direction.  So, I finally said, "If you want me to stay in the US to your glory, God, I'm willing to do it."  And apparently he did.

As I said, I wasn't looking for a job.  I was just looking forward into the great unknown of "after grad school" and waiting until it was closer to deal with it.  Until I got a facebook message.  A fellow Union alumna messaged me: "There's a position at our college, and my boss is interested in Union alumni.  Would you be interested?"  I looked at the university's website and answered, "Yes!"  Within half a week, I had gathered my application materials together and sent them off.  A week later, I had a phone interview.  Two weeks later, I was in Georgia for the on-campus interview.

I can't begin to say how much I felt God leading me each step through the on-campus interview.  Suffice it to say, it was all done by his grace and through his power.  I felt really good about it when I left for my hotel room that afternoon, and by 6:00 that evening, I had been offered the job.

I am so excited.  I'm excited to move back South.  I'm excited for the warm weather and the sweet tea and getting my accent back.  I'm excited to be in an environment that values family and relationships.  I'm excited to meet a bunch of college students and be an influence for Jesus in their lives.

I'm also nervous.  I'm nervous about moving, about wrapping up things at Iowa in just a few short months, about all the work I need to do before next semester begins.  I'm nervous about going somewhere and needing to make new friends and find a new church.  But I know that God has led me to this place, and I know that he will provide.

One of the things I've realized lately is that I believe that God's call for me to go to Georgia is just as important and exciting as if he had called me to go overseas.  I have a ministry to fulfill at this school, and I get to teach students how to do everything to God's glory.  There will be sacrifices and adventures and God teaching me lots of great stuff.  I can't wait!