Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flowers are Friends (Not Food)

Good news: a) Samwise is super awesome at following on a loose lead!  This may get harder as he gets older and more adventurous, but I'm happy he's so obedient when I say "come"--at only 3 months! b) Samwise really likes cuddling and getting petted all over.  I love that he's cuddly right now.

Challenges: a) Samwise only wants to be in his crate if I'm in the room with him.  It's super cute and makes me feel awesome and needed and loved, but we need to train him out of it if I ever want to leave the house alone. b) Samwise doesn't want to go potty yet.  He's probably shy and overwhelmed by his new home, so he'd rather smell everything and try to eat stuff in the yard than do his business.

Tomorrow we go to the vet, who will proceed to tell me what an amazingly awesome dog I have :-D

Monday, May 20, 2013


I'm getting a dog!

I've been in the process for a very long time.  Well, 2 or 3 months, but it's felt very long.  It started when I discovered that a dog could be trained to do some tasks that would help me out tremendously health-wise.  (And, I mean, who doesn't want a puppy anyway?!)  Then I researched breeds, breeders, trainers, training philosophies, dog food, and all sorts of other things.  I thought I had found a breeder 2 weeks ago, but then that fell through.  (It was one of those "this is too good to be true" situations.)  Around the same time, though, another possibility presented itself.  I went to visit the breeder yesterday, and this little puppy passed the temperament tests impressively.

Going in, I actually had a name list with three names on it--none of which were "Samwise."  I had Pippin, Wesley, and Wash.  As I was driving in through some gorgeous woods, I thought about how much they reminded me of Lord of the Rings.  As I thought, I suddenly remembered Sam.  And how very, very wonderful he is.  I put the name on my list in a bit of a last-minute move, and when I met the puppies, this one just seemed so much like a Samwise.  He still has puppy energy, but he was more focused than his brother, calmed down more quickly, and just wanted to be with you.  He also showed signs of submissiveness--he didn't like the leash and collar, but he still let the breeder lead him with it.  He let me roll him over and left his feet in the air (dominant dogs will fight you on this one--probably on the leash too).  If you want to do specialized task training, you don't want a dog that will fight you for power.  You also don't want too shy and submissive of a dog, so it was good to see that Samwise calmly greeted all the grandkids that came near the end of my visit and was focused on the ball that I gave him to play with.

Samwise gets to come home on Friday, and I am very excited!  My mom is also coming for Memorial Day weekend, so I will have lots of wonderfulness going on!