Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lessons I'm Learning

Sometimes God needs to take things out of our life in order to make room for the things he's about to put in.

This thought came to me during a conversation I had a few days ago.  I was suddenly struck with how much attention I had spent focusing on what I had lost over the past year, but something someone said made me realize that God's not only taking things out of my life.  He's also putting really good things into my life and, I believe, preparing me for a life far better than the one I had.

God also spoke to me through someone I spoke to at the CS Lewis conference today.  He showed me a replica of a tiny little lamp from King David's time, about the size of my palm.  It would emanate just a small amount of light.  Soldiers would hang them to their calves, and they would give just enough light to show them where to take the next step.  That's the kind of lamp David was referencing when he wrote, "Your word is a lamp to my feet."  God's word, in this psalm, is like that lamp.  It shows you what you need to see take the next step.  Sometimes we don't get to see miles ahead on the route.

I needed that reminder.