Saturday, November 2, 2013

Puppy Means of Grace

This morning was a rough morning with the puppy.  Long story short, I tried to take something out of his mouth that he really wanted to keep in his mouth, and he let me know it by biting down on the offending hand.  He's nipped before but never bitten, so I was pretty upset.  I also wished I had handled it differently to prevent the situation.  Plus, you know, my hand hurt.

I put him to bed right away (it was time for him to go down anyway) and rushed to take care of my hand.  Then I ran to my meeting, distracted and frustrated.  Mostly with myself.  When I came home, I went to get Samwise out of his crate.  I looked in, and I noticed that in my hurry to take care of my hand, I had left Samwise's leash, 200-dollar-collar-and-remote, and paper bowl (for feeding) way too close to the crate.  Normally, he'd have managed to get all of those items in the crate and would have chewed them to pieces.  I was already impressed.  But, then, as soon as I opened the door of his crate, he ran over to my hand and started licking the bandage, giving it kisses, and nudging it and looking at me.

It was such a sweet moment!  I had spent all morning worrying about the situation and being frustrated with myself for not preventing it, and here was my puppy saying "I'm sorry" in the sweetest way ever.  And it was also him saying "I love you" even though I felt like I had failed him.

I love my little puppy, and I am so grateful for the many ways that he brings grace and happiness into my life.

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